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Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
white house? >> guest: i love that picture of michele obama. of very attractive woman as you can see in that picture. she has been on the cover of fashion magazines, vogue had her on the cover with the headline the first lady the world has been waiting for. michele likes to tell the american public she has no interest in politics, she doesn't like politics and doesn't want to get involved in politics and her main interest is in raising her children, taking care of her husband, doing work for her anti obesity campaign. miley reporting turned up a very different profile of michele obama, a woman who in fact grew up in a household where her father was a political operative of the daily machine in chicago who was actually weened on politics as a child, who married obama knowing of his ambitions. she has been his most important political partner at every step of his campaign and every step of his presidency and has an enormous amount of influence on his decisionmaking process. >> host: all throughout his presidency and earlier we have heard michele obama did not want him to run for office
Dec 26, 2012 7:30am EST
power; obama in the white house, democrats in control of the senate, republicans of the house. but appearances can be deceiving, and in this case are. the most important reality of the election is that the republican effort to oppose anything and everything proposed by obama -- almost like a parliamentary party -- was not rewarded. the taking the debt ceiling hostage was not rewarded, calling the obama health care plan which was their own only a few years earlier socialism was not rewarded. that was not they have to begin to rethink themselves and, importantly, democrats will not automatically embrace the same tactics in opposition. so i think that was an important change that creates a new dynamic not that's going to solve our problems. there's going to be no sitting around the campfire in washington making nice to one another. but the possibility now exists for a real effort and a successful effort to deal with our most pressing problems. >> two familiar washington faces, thomas mann and norm ornstein, "it's even worse than it looks." this is booktv on c-span2. >> you've been wat
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
eastern, a look at the genealogy of michele obama. and journalist and historian david more and less on his biography of barack obama followed by more on president obama with edward kline who wrote the amateur about the president's life and career before the white house. later, the white house videographer for the first two years of the obama presidency. >> so we put the missiles in cuba, the united states discovers that with our surveillance flights over there and tension builds and we have a quarantine or blockade around cuba and one thing that happened in that time is a soviet submarine is found by american ships and they start to drop missile charges, depth charges on soviet submarines, knocked out the electrical system, carbon dioxide was rising. people were passing out inside the submarine. they had no communication with the kremlin. the commander of the submarine says load the torpedo, let's attack, the war probably started already, we are not going to be doing somersaults down here when the war is starting. we will not disgrace our country. launch a nuclear torpedo. they set
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3